Tina Lister

Paralegal | Billing

Tina Lister, a paralegal at C.K. Quade Law, PLLC, moved to Idaho over thirty years ago where she established her home, raised her family, and enjoys summertime outdoor activities, hot air ballooning, and is an avid reader.  Tina worked for a local fortune 500 corporation, but returned to school and obtained her Associates Degree in Paralegal in 2011 and joined C.K. Quade Law, PLLC.  A critical member to the Team, Tina’s extensive experience with Supported Decision Making, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Estate Planning, Probation and Adoption, results in her quality service to our clients.  In addition to serving in her capacity of a paralegal, Tina provides direct services to and previously worked with children and adults with disabilities. Tina combines her personal and professional experiences to provide compassionate and knowledgeable advocacy for her elder and family members presenting with various disabilities.