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In 2006, Charlene K. Quade founded C.K. Quade Law, PLLC with the desire to advocate for families and loved ones caring for children and adults with Special Needs. The firm has been a foundational part in establishing professional groups such as Idaho Guardian and Fiduciary Association (IGFA), Idaho Families of Adults with disabilities (IFAD), and Trust Estate Professionals Idaho (TEPI) as we continue to share knowledge with professionals such as Social Workers, Court Visitors, Attorneys, Politicians and our Families.

Located in Boise, Idaho, we are dedicated to serving clients in communities throughout the state; including: Boise, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Eagle, Emmett, Garden Valley, Hailey, Horseshoe Bend, Idaho City, Idaho Falls, Ketchum, Kuna, Lewiston, Meridian, Mountain Home, Nampa, Payette, Rexburg, Rigby, Riggins, and Twin Falls.

Artist Spotlights

Image of staff in a fun picture with props

Aaron Long

Walk the Walk 2021 Kiddo Bags and Coloring Book Illustrations

In the summer of 2021 CKQL commissioned Aaron Long for the now greatly popular art and design of the Walk the Walk: My Awareness Coloring Book and the Kiddo Bag.

We, at CKQL, love the artwork on the Kiddo Bags and the “Walk the Walk: My Awareness Coloring Book,”  a wonderful concept—how did it all come about?
Our family celebrates inclusion and I believe that awareness matters.  Being able to see yourself or your friends in art raises that awareness and affirms inclusion.  I also have three children, two of which assisted with the concepts and the art.

It appears your art reflects your heart—where does that come from
Beauty. Beauty surrounds us all, in the clouds, trees, and seas. Beauty is found in the faces of the people walking by on the street, and on both the grandest of scales, down to the most fundamental level of existence … my eye sees beauty everywhere.  And I appreciate Art in all forms, whether created by another or simply nature … I find beauty in the beaver dam, bird’s nest, the creations of my children—inspiration found everywhere.

When not doing art and design, what do you do?
When I am not working at GT Floors or running Adlo Services, I add my own little artistic twist to everything I create. From a doodle on a page, to a paint covered canvas; a vehicle that I have acquired, or a floor that I installed. Of all the creations that I have ever made though, my grandest, and most beautiful creation yet, by and far, the family I created with my beautiful wife Nicole…and with that…those exquisite specimens of little people—my greatest pride and joy.

Thank you again, Aaron, your work warmed the hearts of hundreds this fall!  Any last words?
Although I can claim the title of son, brother, father, husband, artist, mechanic, carpenter, and entrepreneur—the one title that we call ALL claim is the beholder of beauty.

Thank you again Aaron! For further information you may contact Aaron directly at (541)-216-3899.

Image of staff in a fun picture with props

Rex Miller

Dancing with the Trees // Magic Waltz

Rex’s original piano compositions having been entertaining and touching audiences for more than two decades.

Starting at the age of eleven he played the piano. He then moved on and received his training in classical piano and music theory at the University of Washington. A songwriter, musician and performer, Rex Miller delighted a spectrum of audiences in Idaho and throughout the nation.

We at CKQL remain forever grateful for sharing his brilliance with Idaho and our Team. Research him further and check out where he plays next!

1. Dancing with the Trees
Composed, performed and recorded by REX MILLER
Copyright: Rex Miller
Website | Youtube | ReverbNation

2. Magic Waltz
Composed, performed and recorded by REX MILLER
Copyright: Rex Miller
Website | Youtube | ReverbNation

Image of staff in a fun picture with props

James Coberly Smith


Lucky US!  James Coberly Smith, born in Racine Wisconsin, lived in LA, but now resides in Boise.  We cannot thank him enough for sharing his brilliance with Idaho and our Team.  We encourage you to research him further and check out his music.  Until then, a snippet:

The Return of James Coberly Smith – American Songwriter
…  “Sure, the guy was already great. Whether solo or teamed up with the great Severin Browne, he always brought the joy. Long one of our most serious and funny songwriters, his work has always encompassed the full, unbroken rainbow of the human journey: Always there’s much merriment, romance and laughter, but also some sorrow at how fleetly our lives fly by, and how much gets lost in the cavalcade.”

Paul Zollo, June 16, 2020, American Songwriter: The Craft and Music

1. Bells
Composed, performed and recorded by James Coberly Smith
Copyright: James Coberly Smith
Website | Boise Song Talk